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The experts in establishing whether a coat of arms is associated with your family and identifying coats of arms.


Heraldry, the use and study of Coats of Arms, dates back to the Middle Ages. We have over fifty years experience in all fields of heraldry, and have an extensive library built up over half a century.

The types of enquiries we can help with include:

  • Establish if there is a coat of arms associated with your family name and present the results in the form of a Plaque or Heraldic Surname History.
  • Identify a Coat of Arms on an artefact, to find out the family it belonged to.
  • Help Register your right to use a Coat of Arms with the Heralds.
  • Produce Heraldic Artwork.

Coats of Arms

Coats of arms have been granted to individuals as personal identifying insignia, and also to corporations since the Middle Ages. Within Great Britain, the use of Coats of Arms is controlled strictly by the Heralds, who work under the authority of Her Majesty the Queen. We can advise on all aspects of this fascinating subject, and also on the use of personal heraldry abroad.

Identifying a coat of arms

Coats of arms and crests appear in many places such as in paintings, on furniture or gravestones. We can research these to identify them and uncover the story behind the artefact.

Registering a pedigree

To use a coat of arms for personal identification you must prove that you are descended in the male line from someone to who arms were granted. Achievements can research your male-lineal ancestry and, if such an entitlement can be found, we can register your descent with the Heralds and obtain permission for you to use the arms yourself.

Grants of Arms

If you are not descended from someone to whom arms were granted, we can help you obtain a grant of new armorial bearings from the Heralds. Our service includes designing appropriate arms and overseeing the petitioning process. This service is available to private individuals and corporations.

A Sample of the Letters Patent

A sample of the Letters Patent
(the legal document issued under the Royal Prerogative conferring a coat of arms).

Heraldic Artwork

Once you are entitled to use a coat of arms, the opportunities for heraldic artwork are limitless. We can supply library paintings, bookplates, flags, blazer badges and much else besides. We can also hand scriven your pedigree and decorate it with your personal armorial bearings, thus creating an heirloom which will be cherished for generation.

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