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  1. Address please? “Pudding Bag”

    Our searchers this week have been focusing on Leicestershire family history, and several census returns and other sources show an intriguing address of “Pudding Bag”, or “Puddingbag” in the parish of Blaby.


    There are suggestions that this could represent a dialect word for a cul-de-sac, although no ideas put forward of how this name came about. In fact, further investigation finds this address name still represented in modern day Leicestershire with Pudding Bag Lane in Kings Norton and Shepshed, as well as in Thuralston in Warwickshire, Pilsgate in Lincolnshire,  and Exton in Rutland.

    And the feature which links them all? They are all cul-de-sacs.

  2. Focus on . . . trade directories

    Trade directories and family history research

    The earliest British trade directory was a list of London merchants published in 1677.  The next London directory appeared in 1734, and thereafter at least one directory of London has been published in each year to the present day, although some no longer exist.  Directories for areas outside London did not appear until the end of the 17th century.

    From 1800 onwards the Post Office London directories were issued, but there were several companies which produced excellent guides, historical, statistical and topographical.  Among the most informative are those by William White, Kelly & Co.,and Pigot & Co.

    For genealogists, trade directories can be useful in tracing the business interests and premises of a family, and establishing when a son took over from his father, for example.  In later years a “private residents” section was included within trade directories, of the more prominent local residents.

    As well as showing where and when our ancestors’ businesses were operating, they also provide a contemporary description of a town or parish, often including information on the local economy, places of worship, transport links and schools.  As such they can invaluable to the genealogist when completing family history research.WP_20160414_09_47_41_Pro[1]



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