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  1. Who Do You Think You Are? Sunetra Sarker

    Tonight actress Sunetra Sarker traces her Indian and Bangladesh roots, finding along the way that her family were champions of education for both men and women. She also learns about their experience during the war of independence in Bangladesh in 1971.

  2. Who Do You Think You Are? Warwick Davies

    On BBC1 tomorrow [15th February] at 8pm the 8th episode of the series features the family History of Warwick Davies.  “Actor Warwick Davis owes his big break aged 11 to his paternal grandmother Edith, who heard a radio ad ‘looking for short people to appear in Return of the Jedi’. Warwick takes a non-judgemental approach as he researches the family line stretching back from Edith, finding humanity and humour in some uncomfortable stories. On his maternal side, Warwick is equally open-minded when he finds out about his three-times-great-grandfather – a postman who lived a double life”.

  3. Who Do You Think You Are? Ian McKellen

    The new series continued last night and, if you have not seen it, do catch the repeat or watch it on BBC I Player. Last night’s episode was one of the best in the series so far and Ian Mckellen was a charming guide leading us through the story of his family history. Maybe only he can make reading newspaper clippings, a favourite devise in the series,  so enjoyable. Sir Ian discovered that he shared a passion for acting and campaigning with two of his ancestors. Finding along the way that his ancestor Robert Lowes made a vital contribution to the campaign for a half day Saturday that started in Manchester and spread to the rest of  the country. And it is because of that campaign that many of us now enjoy weekends without work.

  4. New series of Who Do You Think You Are? starts tomorrow

    The new series starts with the actor Danny Dyer finding out he is descended from royalty. He finds he is related to William the Conqueror and Edward III. He also finds a English Civil War Cavalier amongst his ancestors. The series is aired on BBC1 at 8pm on Thursday 24th.

    Finding a gateway ancestor to royalty will extend your family tree back beyond medieval times, William the Conqueror was himself descended from Charlemagne who was born in 747. In our library here we have a large collection of pedigrees of the nobility and gentry form across Europe to help with your research.

  5. New series of Long Lost Family and Who Do You Think You Are?

    Evenings will be filled with genealogy on television this summer, with the return of the tear-jerking Long Lost Family tonight, and the announcement of who will feature in the new series of Who Do You Think You Are?

    The television guides promise an emotional start to the new series of Long Lost Family, whilst we cannot wait to see what hides in the family trees of the likes of Greg Davies and Ricky Tomlinson.  Roll on summer we say!

  6. Got the Who Do You Think You are bug?

    Are you enjoying the new series of Who Do You Think You Are?  And perhaps wondering about your own family tree?

    Then look no further, for we are here to help.  Whether you only know your parents names, or can go back several generations, we at Achievements are experts in tracing your family history.  Contact us to find out what we can offer you for a free, no obligation quote.

    Where will research into your family history lead?



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