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  1. Genealogy the perfect Christmas Gift

    As Christmas draws closer, why not think about a unique gift for your loved one.  A Christmas Gift Certificate for family history research could be the perfect present for Christmas day.

    We can provide an attractive certificate to give as a gift on Christmas day, and then work with the recipient on the research after Christmas.  Why not contact us to find out more.

  2. Get ahead with Christmas presents

    Now that Halloween is over, Christmas is rapidly approaching.  Why not think about researching family history as a gift for that special someone?  Genealogical research is a unique present, and certainly not one that will be replicated by other friends or family!

    We can either complete research in time for Christmas, or provide a Christmas gift certificate to be given on Christmas day.  We can then work with the family once the surprise is over.  Contact us to find out more.

  3. It’s never too early to think of Christmas presents . . .

    It’s never too early to think of Christmas presents! As the nights start drawing in, it might be that thoughts start turning to Christmas, and what unique presents to get.

    Having your family tree researched is a unique gift to give to family members, so why not get ahead of the game, and contact us to see what we can offer. Family history research can take several weeks to undertake, so do not delay in contacting us for a free quotation well in time for Christmas.

    Alternatively, we can provide a Christmas Gift Certificate, to give your loved one on Christmas Day itself, and we can then work with them to complete the research, based on the information that they know.



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